MN25. Fodder - Nivāpa Sutta

MN25. Fodder - Nivāpa Sutta
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MN25. Fodder - Nivāpa Sutta

Sep 30 2023 | 00:15:56

Episode 0 September 30, 2023 00:15:56

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Sol Hanna

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This episode is the 25th sutta of the Majjhima Nikaya: the Nivapa sutta which is listed on Sutta Central with both the translated English titles of “Fodder” and also “Sowing”. In this sutta, The Buddha compares getting trapped by Māra with a deer getting caught in a snare, illustrating the ever more complex strategies employed by hunted to get free from the traps set by the hunter. This translation of the Nivāpa Sutta is by Bhikkhu Sujato and was sourced from Sutta Central. To become a support the producer and narrator of the Buddha’s Wisdom Podcast to cover costs of […]

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